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The Cadillac Area Community Foundation enhances the quality of life for all members of our community through philanthropy – connecting donor gifts with the needs of our community.

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The Missaukee Area Community Foundation grant program is now open. Applications may be submitted through the end of March. For further information and an application, please click on the tab for the Missaukee Area Community Foundation, on the menu bar.

Executive Director's Blog

February 2018


Applying for a Grant ? – You Have Some Research to Do!

Grant maker’s like to award grants as “seed money”; funds that are used for new and innovative ways to address community needs or to substantially change or enhance a currently existing program.  Generally, community foundations do not provide ongoing, general support or continued support for past projects and/or programs.  Most Foundations limit the number of times they will fund an existing program or project.

Foundations frequently will state their areas of focus for their grant making.  The Cadillac Area Community Foundation has six focus areas: Economic Development, Arts & Culture, Education & Scholarships, Youth, Recreation & Environment, and Health & Human Services. 

The Application.

It is important to make certain that your application is complete, all questions answered.  There is not a single area of the application that is not required, from the cover sheet to the budget and everything in between.  It is always important to provide your Federal Tax ID Number or a copy of your IRS determination letter.  Incomplete applications rarely get a second look.

As clearly and concisely as possible, the application gives you an opportunity to tell the story of what your vision is, why it is important, who it will serve, and how many people will be impacted.  This is your chance to let your project shine!  Make your narrative brief but compelling and informative.  Be clear, explain why the methods you’ve selected are the best to achieve your objectives.  It is important to include a timeline that specifies what is going to happen and when. 

If you have financial support from other sources, or funders will to match what you have raised, be certain to put that in your application.  This demonstrates that they believe in your vision too!

The Budget.

Nothing will kill your application faster than a budget whose numbers do not add up!  Make certain to list all necessary supplies, equipment, and other resources you will use for your project, Make sure all figures are 100% accurate, and they balance with each other.  If you are asking for $2,000, show why you need that amount.  Specify direct costs—the expenses for which the requested grant funding will be used. Specify all sources of income and contributions, including volunteer services calculated at “market value.”

Final Steps.

Have a plan that shows how you will continue funding for the project/program after the Foundation funds are exhausted, and be certain to include that information in your application. Before submitting your application, have a co-worker proofread your application.  Make sure your program or project is clear to the reader.  Double-check to make sure you have included all of the required paperwork listed on the grant application.


In Conclusion.

Our Foundation has awarded over $5.1 Million in grants and scholarships in the Cadillac area over the past 30 years. We have a variety of Grant making and Scholarship Programs that are listed on this website.  If you are interested in applying for a grant, we invite you to review the Grant making Guidelines and our Grant Application forms, also found on this site.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,



January 2018


Thinking Ahead - Impacting Your Community Forever


A legacy is the need or the desire to be remembered for what you have contributed to the world.  What kind of legacy will you leave behind?  Will it be a life well lived and a charitable gift for future generations?


If you leave a gift for the future generations, will it be a building, money, or property?   Will your focus be on health, education, environment or community arts? When considering a legacy gift to your local Community Foundation, knowing your core values is crucial.  Ask yourself:


*What do I believe in?
*What really matters to me?
*What values help manage how I live my life?
*What values do I want to pass on?

Once these core values are determined; there are several avenues available when considering your charitable gift.  Talking to your attorney, accountant, or financial advisor is always a good start. 


Once you have determined the type of gift you would like to leave, your Foundation can discuss existing funds that meet your values; or even consider opening a new fund.  When opening a new fund you may choose to open a Unrestricted Family Fund that will award grants in the name of your family that best meet community needs; a Scholarship Fund to benefit local students; a Field of Interest Fund that will address an area close to your heart; or initiate an Agency Endowment Fund that will continue to support an Agency you care about.  All of these Funds have written agreements that honor donor wishes. Discussing the different types of funds, in detail, with your community foundation representative will help you determine which fund type best meets your needs.


We make it our mission to provide excellent stewardship of your legacy gift.  We are mindful of our donor’s wishes, and want our donor’s to feel confident that their donation will continue their legacy into the future


If you are interested in planned giving, and would like additional information, please feel free to contact me.  I would love to help you plan a permanent legacy that fulfills your philanthropic dreams. 


Happy New Year,



December 2017


Happy Holidays!  Lets talk Charitable Gifts.

Gifts to a Community Foundation help sustain the Foundation’s continued philanthropy. 

Inspired men, who strongly believed that a community foundation would be a tremendous asset to our community, constructed the Cadillac Area Community Foundation.  It was designed to build permanent charitable capital through endowments, and award philanthropic grants and scholarships that contribute to the health, vitality, and opportunity available in our community.

Our Foundation Trustees are entrusted to be good stewards of over Ten Million dollars that have been gifted by our generous donors over the past 30 years.  One of the responsibilities of the Foundation is to assist thoughtful donors who would like to give back to the community in a permanent manner by establishing a charitable fund.  Donors may consider an unrestricted endowment fund, a memorial fund, a field of interest fund, a donor advised fund, or a scholarship fund.  All of these types of funds are vital to the well-being of our Community. 

Our commitment to our donors, and the community, is continued stewardship and growth.  Through continued growth we can support our six general areas of interest through grants.  Our six areas of interest are:  culture and the arts, economic development, education, environment and recreation, health, and human services. 

In closing, we are thankful to the individuals, families, businesses and organizations for their continued support to make our community stronger today and in the future.  Remember, when you give to the Cadillac Area Community Foundation you are giving a gift to your Community that will do good work now and into the future.


Best Regards,



November 2017


Passionate Women at Work | Women's Giving Circle’s

All we need is passionate women and a financial commitment, to make an impact!

In 1999, in Traverse City Michigan, the Three Generations Circle of Women Givers was formed.  This was the first women’s giving circle in the United States.  The Giving Circle was originally founded to benefit the Women’s Resource Center, in Traverse City.  Over time, they decided to split their giving by allocating 50% to the Women’s Resource Center, and the other 50% to member approved grants to community organizations that addressed the needs of women and girls.

The concept of Giving Circle’s quickly caught on and gave birth to thousands of Women’s Giving Circles around the world.  A wonderful collaborative process developed, and helped the women to grow as philanthropists.

Their common goal was to women together who share common philanthropic goals to benefit women's needs.  The involvement was up to you, there is no pressure. Some women just want to come to the annual meeting and vote for which organization they felt the most passionate about.  Others wanted to get together and visit at casual monthly meeting.

Women have always contributed their time and talent to their communities; they want to make the world a better place.  The idea of the giving circle is that one person may not make an impact with a single donation; but a giving circle might make a significant difference together.

The Cadillac Area Women’s Giving Circle entered into an agreement with the Cadillac Area Community Foundation in December 2008 to form a Giving Circle in our community.  The first meetings took place, and grants began to be awarded in August 2009.  Their mission was to build a community of philanthropists and create a permanent legacy to address the needs of women and girls of the Greater Cadillac Area.  Since 2009 the Cadillac Area Women’s Giving Circle has awarded $109,103 grants and has permanently endowed $33,580.

We have the ability to award large, high-impacted grants to deserving organizations because of working together.  Programs for girls to attend Science and Math Camp, providing medication, medical supplies, funding for books to children age 5 and under, Girls on the Run programs, or a Resource Center for women, are just a few of the grants awarded over the years.  Because of our like-minded group of women, we can make a difference in the lives of women and girls in our community.

The Cadillac Area Women’s Giving Circle mission is building a community of philanthropists and creating a permanent legacy to address the needs of women and girls of the Greater Cadillac Area in the future. We are Passionate Women at Work”!   If you would like to additional information about becoming a member, or applying for a grant, please visit the website at:  www.cadillacareawomensgivingcircle.org


Best Regards,



October 2017


Thinking Forward - Impacting Your Community Forever

What kind of Legacy will you leave?  Will it be buildings, money, land; or will it focus on health, education, environment, or community arts? 

When someone decides to leave a charitable gift to their local Community Foundation, their gift can be used to support innovative solutions, and enhance the quality of life, for their community.  Our Donors are content in knowing they were a good steward of their gift. 

As a Donor, knowing your core values is important when making charitable gift decisions:
*What do I believe in?
*What really matters to me?
*What values help manage how I live my life?
*What values do I want to pass on?

Once these core values are identified, the type of Legacy you wish to leave becomes much clearer.  This is the time to review existing funds at your local Community Foundation, and see which Fund/s resonate with your core values. 

The easiest way to create your Legacy gift is through a charitable bequest in your Will.  You can specify a dollar amount or percentage of your residual estate  This may include specifically naming your Community Foundation as a full or partial beneficiary of a life insurance policy, bank account, or retirement account.  A bequest of a permanently endowed gift allows you to continue to support the organizations and causes that you value the most through the earnings from your gift, which becomes a permanent source of community capital and continues to work for the community betterment in perpetuity.  When you include your charitable gift in your Will as a bequest, our staff can work with you or your attorney with recommended language. 

If our currently existing funds do not meet your philanthropic needs, perhaps it is time to consider opening a new fund that will address your core values.  Our professional staff can work with you, or your attorney, to design a fund that meets your core values. 

If you are interested in creating a Legacy of Giving, please feel free to contact me.


Best Regards,



September 2017


Over the last two weeks, portions of the United States have been ravaged by natural disasters.  And our citizens have been responding with an outpouring of compassion and assistance.  Even here, in Northern Michigan, our office has fielded inquiries from local citizens who want to support those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


Hurricane Harvey has killed at least 69 people, and that number is still rising as search and rescue crews are able to travel into the most heavily damaged areas. Over 48,000 homes were affected, and displaced tens of thousands. Winds topped 130 mph and downpours reached up to four inches per hour.  A rain gauge near Cedar Bayou, Texas, measured 51.88 inches of rainfall.  Damage extended through Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama. 


Today, September 11th, Hurricane Irma is still lashing Florida with torrential rains, flooding, and top wind gusts in excess of 140 mph.  This hurricane is so large that it covered the entire state of Florida.  Storm surges continue to fill the streets, and the  destruction continues with the loss of property, homes, and life.  Because this is an ongoing storm, it is still too soon to tell what the total devastation will be.


Citizens, celebrities, politicians, and sports figures from all over the United States have pledged donations to support Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas, and Hurricane Irma victims in Florida.  The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) launched the CDP Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund, and the CDP Hurricane Irma Recovery Fund, in response to focus on long-term needs of those affected. 


Our colleague in philanthropy the Greater Houston Community Foundation, is managing Mayor Turner's Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. This Fund will accept tax-deductible flood relief donations for victims affected by the recent floods. The fund will be housed at the Greater Houston Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity.


In addition to many national disaster aid charities that are currently on the ground in Florida; the Community Foundation of Collier County, the Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Marlin Counties, the Community Foundation of Sarasota, and the Miami Foundation all house funds to support relief and recovery efforts from the destruction of Hurricane Irma.


These catastrophic hurricanes illustrate the capacity for compassion and assistance that the American people possess; and this compassion with action is an example of true philanthropy.


Best Regards,



August 2017


I would like to talk about the importance of engaging Wellness and Quality of Life for all ages.  As the Executive Director of the Foundation, I am a member of many local committees.  The Cadillac Area Health Coalition is one of the organizations that I served prior to coming to the Foundation, and I remain committed to this organization and their mission. 

The Health Coalition focuses on the existing community resources of health education, promotion and disease prevention.  The meetings are designed to build awareness of health care programs and services; to encourage healthier lifestyle choices.
One of the priorities was encouraging employers to have worksite wellness programs.  The cost of employee wellness programs is an investment that pays off when employees create new, healthy, lifestyle habits.  Planning a worksite wellness program can be rewarding for company leaders and employees. The Health Coalition has been able to assist local businesses in developing their own comprehensive worksite health promotion programs.

Education is an important aspect of the Health Coalition.  This year, on Tuesday September 26th, the Health Coalition is hosting a full day of wellness & quality of life programming and presentations for the Cadillac area.

The Community Wellness Day will kick off with a morning Community Leaders Conference to be held at the Resurrection Life Church.  The conference will include breakfast and speaker Robby Wagner, a world-class health & wellness humorist. 

To engage the youth in the community, CAPS students in grades 11 & 12 through a presentation from Robby Wagner, specializing in Wellness, grades 7 through 10, Johnnie Tuitel, Personal Roles & Responsibilities and grades 5 & 6, David Scherer, Quality of Life.
CAPS 4th grader students will be participating in the “Healthy Choices, Healthy Me!” presented by a Dietician from Munson Healthcare Cadillac.  Students K – 3rd will participate in art and writing contests themed “What does it mean to be healthy”. 

The Foundation is proud to be one of the sponsors of this wonderful event.  You can watch our Facebook page, or the local media, for more information.  Tickets for the Community Leaders Conference kick-off may be purchased by contacting the Cadillac Area YMCA at 775-3369.  We look forward to seeing everyone at this community day of wellness!!

Best Regards,



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